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More >>What is a museum if not a vehicle to challenge our perceptions of the world? This is perhaps best exemplified at the, located in the infamous haunt of San Francisco that has perhaps one of the most colorful and important histories of any city neighborhood in the world. Hosting such events as the Volunteer Fair, films like Transgender Tuesdays: A Clinic in the Tenderloin, and guest speakers including Supervisor Jane Kim, the museum has become a cultural powerhouse. More >>.

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“I hated seeing him around [after that],” says Lauren. She thought he was quiet and serious, and he thought the same of her: “uninterested because I’m not a big talker,” she adds. But, on the advice of a smart pal, they stayed friends and, on a triathlon trip to New Hampshire, Lauren realized she had a bit of a crush.

The next step was dowry negotiations, which were referred to as “breaking sticks” (kuna miti). The Kikuyu prefered euphemisms and proverbs rather than categorical statements. The boy’s father would communicate through his son to the girl parentw about the intended day for the dowry negotiations.

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It just falls with a thud when I get a response of Is that right? ( it right? Well, it TRUE. As to whether it RIGHT, now you got me questioning everything. I WAS going to thank my boss, but now I just bulldoze the place down and give the land back to the Native Americans.

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