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So you might be thinking that you’re done now and you can’t do it. Well, I can’t do it either. But thanks to Wealthy Affiliate because they helped me a lot on how to build a business to work from home. How we are fundedOur successesMano River Basin, 25 years of peacekeepingUntil just a few days ago, only the most determined and passionate of footballers would dare practice their fancy footwork and last ditch sliding tackles in Jondoru village in Rajaf County near Juba.Its Peace Square, which saw the light of day some four years ago, was a rough and thorny piece of land, sprinkled with frequently water filled potholes of varying shapes and sizes.Fast forward to mid July 2019 and Tartisio Lodu, executive chief of the village, describes the very same field as a major crowd pleaser.”It is already a pull factor for the youth who had left the area due to boredom, including internally displaced persons,” he says, a beaming smile on his face.This transformative twist of fate is down to the recent hard work of Nepalese and Thai engineers serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan. Together, and with some support of local residents, they have filled gaping cracks and holes, levelling an area which is now a fully functional playground for fans of football and volleyball alike.Members of the Kor Romla Football club are understandably jubilant, and ready to do their part to foster harmonious inter communal relations.”I do hope that our club will help our multiethnic community to unite and chart a future of social harmony and peace,” says Ohuru Peter Okimo, who wears his team’s jersey number seven with pride.”We are going to mobilize our various communities [and encourage them] to form their own clubs. That way we can begin inter community football competitions to help mend the broken social fabric left behind by years of war,” he explains, adding that sports is also a great way of combatting boredom and hence reduce criminality.His friend, 20 year old Simon Sunday, is equally convinced of the benefits the multi sports facilities will bring.”In addition to hosting sporting events the playing ground will be used for other recreational activities, including festivities, to attract people from within our village and beyond,” he says.

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