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Economic experts believe that the pandemic has hit Pakistan’s economy hard. The IMF has already predicted that the overall GDP growth rate by the end of the current fiscal year would be 1.5 per cent as against State Bank’s projection of around 3 per cent. However, some economists say the coronavirus pandemic has also provided a cushion to provide a substantial relief to the people..

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Photo: Randy L. Rasmussen/2015No. 10: 2015 16 Primary KitWhen the”chevron” kits were unveiled in 2015, they certainly evoked discussion. With the season in the toilet, the Capitals’ hobbled mascot has time to go almost anywhere from sports expos to rink openings. For $250, Slapshot will even come to your door with Capitals goody bags for all and entertain your birthday party for about an hour. But there are still some things that Slapshot won’t do..

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