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These were full seasons, too, with 668 plate appearances the first year and 692 the second. After that, he never fanned more than 36 times. In fact, he had five seasons when he didn’t even reach 25 strikeouts.. A star player known more for his scoring than his defense had an opt out clause after playing for an underachieving team loaded up to win in 2013 14. Carmelo Anthony is the guy, of course, but fast forward a year and we could be talking about Kevin Love. In other words, what the Knicks are about to go through with Anthony is what the Wolves could very well go through with Love if they don’t trade him this summer..

A letter from the Michigan Birth Records arrived in about three weeks time. When I opened the letter I was shocked to find a Birth Certificate with the name Frances Dodge”. The certificate indicated that Frances Dodge was born a twin? It was a birth certificate used for multiple births, the box which stated twin was clearly checked and also checked was a box that stated one of two live births.

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To that nonplaying majority, a basketball shoe is whatever a famous basketball player wears or endorses. Earlier this year, the fashion peddlers at Nike released the Air Jordan XVII, which retails for about $200 and comes not in a shoe box but in a faux steel case. Like many of the other XVI models of Air Jordans, the shoes look gaudy and stupid.