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Rolling with the Punches: Tennis has not always been easy on Nadal. He’s suffered a string of injuries over the years, some of which forced him out of major competitions. “His heart is too hungry to let his body get in the way,” Wilander says. He plays in Indiana for the Pacers so he doesn’t get a lot of national exposure. But, believe me, you have got to get his rookie cards right now while they are still affordable. Granger’s rookie cards can be found in 2005 06 basketball card sets.

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Troy Aikman Criticizes Jason Garrett Even former Cowboy Troy Aikman has criticized his friend Jason Garrett in recent weeks. As a commentator for Fox Sports, he referred to the fact the Cowboys defense doesn’t make any changes to confuse opposing quarterbacks. He said, “It must be nice for inexperienced quarterbacks to not have to adjust to changes in the Dallas defense.” In another loss, Aikman seccond guessed Garrett’s decision to go for a touchdown instead of kicking a certain field goal.

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