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The bigger reason, however, is personal: the joy of watching “The Last Dance” with my son. He was understandably unhappy about having to return home from college prematurely this spring. He has not been in any way truculent, but most 20 year olds would rather be with their friends than with their parents.

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Was there food? There always is in American bars. Liverpool went out of their way to prove you right too they found their way to win while not playing well, while being on the rack at times.In truth if the goalkeeping error doesn’t happen then the win ends up feeling relatively comfortable, it ends up being another brilliant second half against a side who showed the ability to make it awkward for The Reds. We’re all raving about Roberto Firmino and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.This ability to turn games that should be in the balance in the last ten into Liverpool victories is in part because while Liverpool do concede chances they rarely concede great ones.

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