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To keep families safe, eligibility can now be determined over the phone by calling (406)247 3370. The WIC staff can also be reached by emailing”We’re finding that when families are able to be in their own home, and visit with us over the phone, people do seem to be relaxed, and kind of willing to chat. Versus, you know, sometimes coming to The office can be a little bit more stressful for the families, and so right now, it’s great to talk to the families in their home, in that really relaxed environment and we’re getting good participation rates, and less no shows and things like that,” said Kate Monger, the RiverStone Health WIC program coordinator..

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Boyd spoke to the judge and to the court for more than 15 minutes. Crying, Boyd told the judge that he still didn know why he committed the henious act. The graphics for days 1 3 show no frontal systems moving through the Pacific Northwest through Saturday.

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