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Though Bo and Luke try to thwart his plan, their pursuit of justice is completely meaningless. The underdeveloped story only exists to provide excuses for Scott and Knoxville’s crude jokes and idiotic behavior. In fact, this modern day Hazzard is not far removed from an episode of Jackass.

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You may have been completely justified in calling the foul (contact to the elbow is not legal), but, you did not give the player any clue as to what you wanted. Now the coach is now all over you, “That wasn’t a slash! Let ’em play! How can you call that?” The first check was fine and so was the second. So why call it now? If you add some loud and clear preventative statements, “Ease up 14!” or “Get stick!” you can change the entire dynamic.

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The gift includes a $645,000 donation to the Agnes Etherington Art Centre to promote The Collection, The Agnes’s prized collection of more than 200 European paintings donated by the s. The money will fund a touring exhibition the Collection’s first in 30 years that will launch in Fall 2019 at The Agnes. The exhibition, Leiden, circa 1630: Emerges, focuses on a pivotal period in ‘s development as an artist and his artistic network in his native Leiden.