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“The Club’s major support and financial backer, Coastwide Concrete Pumping Pty. Ltd., The Ready Mob, an Aboriginal Organisation which promotes smoking cessation and raising awareness about health issues and the Mid North Coast Primary Health Network are all supporting our Cancer Charity Day Pink Event,” said Jamie. There will also be a magnificent hamper raffled on the day, with patrons able to purchase Cancer Council Pink Merchandise.

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Some saw opportunities during the 33 year vacuum. For years during the 1980s, RFK Stadium was the site of an annual five inning game called the “Cracker Jack Old Timers Baseball Classic” that featured Sandy Koufax (one batter faced), Bob Feller, Whitey Ford, Roger Maris, Warren Spahn and Joe DiMaggio. Some teams played exhibition games in the District, including the Orioles, Pirates and Cardinals..

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