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Ended the conversation by telling Landesman that I had already told my 11 year old son he was never playing organized football. This was no big deal, in all honesty: I barely lasted half a season in Pop Warner at his age, and he much less interested in sports than I was. But for a genuine former jock, a guy who actually played NCAA football Landesman interrupts me before I could ask the question.

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Restaurant partners have been advised to seal all takeout bags to limit exposure and unnecessary contact.Coffee giant Starbucks officially moved to close all of their cafes and shift to drive thru and delivery only on March 20, after testing out serving only to go orders in their stores. They said in a statement that an exception would be made for cafes in or around hospital and health care centers in order to continue to serve health care workers.Tim Hortons parent company Restaurant Brands International Inc. Has asked its Canadian restaurant owners to provide take out, drive thru and delivery only.

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