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Two three four five a gray quilt of sky, the evening breeze is turning damp and cool, and the sweat dries chill on this cluster of shirtless torsos. It the end of football practice here at Snider High School. Now it on to the post practice stretching and then to the bright warmth of the locker room..

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David: What’s going on, BT? I’m doing really good. We have some awesome guests today. You know what’s funny, you actually mentioned in the very beginning of this podcast the velocity of money and that is what I’m going to be talking about in the next Meetup that we have coming up, is why the velocity is important and what it is..

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Basically in a war against this virus, said Bruce Wiegand. Time for all of us to do what we can. At our age, we have to be particularly careful and should not risk physical proximity to others, but the monetary option is something we can do. But this is not just another of Tokyo’s multitude of hipster bars. The cocktail sippers are watching thousands of tonnes of garbage plastic bags, food waste, and paper being lifted and churned by a gigantic mechanical claw. On closer investigation, it transpires that the cocktails are made of fruit and fungi that have been rejected by supermarkets due to their “unacceptable” texture or shape.

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