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And the rest of the staff received consideration for the job, Franklin said. Kind of look at it as when we (former offensive coordinator) John Donovan left (a few years ago) and Ricky Rahne filled in and we hired Joe Moorehead. WE looking for somebody who has the experience as well as the ability to come in and blend.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping “For us, it making sure we run our systems, play effectively, have a solid attacking shape and take our chances.” MORE CANBERRA SPORT Canberra have dominated the field but have been short of goals during regular time. The Chill have scored four field goals and one conversion across four matches, the third least in the competition. “That was the unfortunate thing about Melbourne we created a lot more chances against them but they got ahead of us on the scoreboard,” Rutledge said Cheap Jerseys free shipping.