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Then move on to the Joy of Birds, which Audubon created to help get through the pandemic. You’ll find photographs of mating rituals (“Nature has way better moves than the Funky Chicken”) and crazy cute bird moms and baby chicks. Use these stories and videos to get stoked about figuring out what’s flying in your backyard..

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Ubu’s fittingly tabloid format, newsprint handout has a helpful essay by Virginia Heckert and a few evocative photos, Their First Murder among them. This is how a Weegee must have looked when it was first printed. 143 in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, as of 3:15 yesterday when Peter Mancuso, 23, described by police as a small time gambler, pulled up in a 1931 Ford at a traffic light a block from the school.

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Einstein was right. Well, according to new observations of a double pulsar, he was at least 99.95% right. An international team of astronomers have been measuring the pulsar pair for three years, and have detected several effects that match Einstein theory of general relativity.

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